America 2.0

America 2.0
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Photo by Pim Van Hemmen


President and lead designer John Scarano and his team took sailboat design to the next level by combining more than 35 years of naval architecture and marine engineering experience, plus the latest technologies and materials, and putting them all into America 2.0.

She features shroudless carbon fiber spars, a two part hull with a removable, aluminum deadwood section for water and fuel tanks and will soon also feature electric motors for propulsion.  Her hull is constructed out of an end-grain balsa core, sandwiched between two layers of Port Orford Cedar over wooden laminated frames, an aluminum cabin structure with integrated mast supports, and bullwarks and cabin soles constructed out of plascore, an aluminum honey comb material, for improved strength and additional weight savings.

She was launched in August 2011 and is Classic Harbor Lines' flagship vessel at Chelsea Piers.  She will spend her winters in Key West.

If you're a sailing buff you'll want to book a ride on her.  She is a rocket ship.

LOA:  105 feet (32 meters)
Type:  Wooden two masted schooner
Year launched: 2011
Certification: USCG certified
Current location:  New York City and winters in Key West.