fgw-working-main-assembly-vi-side-profile.jpgScarano Boat Building's ability to design its vessels on site gives it the flexibility to adjust to a customer's needs quickly and at a lower cost then many of its competitors.

Under the leadership of Lead Designer John Scarano and the direction of Design Manager Keith Duffy, Scarano's design office can produce all aspects of your vessel, from early concept through final drawings.

Scarano Design means your vessel will do what you want it to do, safely and at a fair price, without compromise.

If you need a nimble, fast, beautiful schooner like one of the Adirondacks; a period appropriate, stylish motor vessel like Manhattan; a museum quality, 19th century historic replica sloop like Friends Good Will; or an appropriately sized, low maintenance, historic canal barge like The Delphi, John Scarano and his team excel at finding the perfect balance for your budget.

Whether your vessel draws its inspiration from the past, or is strictly built for function, Scarano Design takes advantage of modern materials and computer aided technology to design the vessel you need and deserve.

Scarano Boat designs have established a long and thorough history of proven performance and innovation.

From small high performance racing sailboats, to historic vessel replicas, to period styled charter schooners and power charter vessels, to steel crane barges and party boats, Scarano Boat offers a rare range of successful design experience to complement the execution of your custom design.

In the passenger sail vessel arena Scarano Boat designs have set the standard for their combination of aesthetics, structural integrity, low maintenance qualities and sailing performance. 

Rig designs have included aluminum, wood and carbon fiber spars.  Scarano Boat has pioneered the use of standing rigging design for classically rigged vessels by using kevlar shrouds, finished to give the historically faithful appearance of hemp cordage.

Superior sailing performance has been proven beyond a doubt by numerous first place finishes.  Four different Scarano Boat designs have taken first place in the Great Chesapeake Schooner Race series, where Adirondack set an elapsed course record in 1994, as well as numerous first place finishes in other tall ship events.  Superior performance in such events has been achieved by Scarano Boat designs while they met, and exceeded, the standards for USCG certification to carry passengers, which places various and significant restrictions on the designs which many other vessels in those races did not have to meet.

In the passenger power vessel arena Scarano Boat designs have ranged from cost effective scow type contemporary steel vessels such as Liberty, to more sophisticated designs such as Horicon, Manhattan and Lexington for upscale charter service. 

Experience from more than 35 years of boat design of USCG certificated vessel design and building projects, and an understanding of practical testing and quality control procedures, refined during contracts with the US Navy and the National Park Service, enable Scarano Boat to monitor and insure structural integrity throughout the construction process. 

Over the past 25 years, more than 2 million passengers have been transported safely on Scarano designed and built passenger carrying vessels. 

That all happened by design.