Repair & Restorations


Scarano Boat Building's experience in design and construction makes us especially adept at providing numerous repair and maintenance services, including:

  • Complete drive train installations.clearwater-img_0390-11-15-04.jpg
  • Bow thruster installations.
  • Air conditioning system installations.
  • Electrical upgrades.
  • New decks, specializing in teak.
  • Refinishing and repainting.
  • Storage.

We have the means to weld any metals, the expertise to work with composite materials (fiberglass, carbon fiber, etc.), and a long history of superb woodworking.

Among the many renovation projects we have handled for various clients are Rumrunner II, a 1920s Elco, which we redesigned and rebuilt and which now spends her summers as a charter vessel in Newport, Rhode Island. To learn more about Rumrunner II click on the link below.

View: Rumrunner II

Rumrunner II