Northern Lights

Northern Lights
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Like many Scarano boats, Northern Lights was designed and built in close cooperation with her new owners, in this case the Lake Champlain Transportation Company, which operates the ferries that cross Lake Champlain on a daily basis when the ice does not prevent travel. She is a very efficient performer despite her heavy build, necessary to withstand the thick ice in Lake Champlain in which she spends her winters.  Her owners operate her at far less than her designed capacity to provide their customers with a more luxurious experience on this yacht-quality excursion boat.  Like her close cousin Adirondac, which operates on Lake George, the unfinished hull was delivered on her own bottom using a temporary helm station and subsequently completed on site by a Scarano crew.

LOA:  115 feet (35 meters)

Type:  Turn of the century lake excursion boat

Construction: Steel hull with aluminum superstructure and a wood over aluminum pilot house

Year launched: 2003

Certification:  USCG certified for 149 passengers

Current location:  Burlington, VT