Historic Replicas

Scarano Boat Building is the premier builder of historic canal boats replicas in the United States. Including the full size replica of the historic schooner America it has four large historic sailing vessel replicas to its name, including Friendship of Salem, which is the largest fully rigged tall ship built in New England in modern times.

View: Tri State- 19th Century Canal Boat Replica

Tri State- 19th Century Canal Boat Replica

View: Charles F. Mercer

Charles F. Mercer

View: The Delphi

The Delphi

View: America


View: America 2.0

America 2.0

View: General Harrison of Piqua

General Harrison of Piqua

View: Friends Good Will

Friends Good Will

View: Santa Maria

Santa Maria

View: Friendship of Salem

Friendship of Salem

View: The Volunteer

The Volunteer